_Come in the world of fables

With the musical “The Beauty and the Beast – the musical“ the producer Andrea Friedrichs made a piece of German and European musical history. The world famous French novella „La Belle et la Bête“, one of the greatest love stories which was ever told, proved to be the material which musical dreams are made of. Martin Doepke’s highly praised music made it possible to create a wonderful, romantic musical which’s great success in the last years speaks for itself. A musical is created which takes up the European fairy-tale-tradition and brings the moving message of the novella “La Belle et la Bête“ gently on stage.
The Plot
__The Plot
Creative Team
__Creative Team

_The story as old as the world

Once upon a time... a beautiful, young prince was turned into a terrible looking beast because of his hard-heartedness. His royal court froze into statues, household contents and dishes. Only if a pure girl is willing to love this monster, the magic will subside. This curse is aggravated by the disposition that it had to happen within the period of a withering rose. A travelling businessman comes into the palace and is captivated by the revenge of the monster. To free him his daughter Bella has to submit herself to lifelong captivity. Soon the girl feels attached to the animal and saves its life through her declaration of love in the nick of time.