_England in the year 1194

After a crusade the young knight Robin of Locksley returns home. England’s king Richard Lionheart was imprisoned in Austria. At this time England is ruled by his brother Prince John. Robin’s hometown Nottingham is ruled by great disturbance as raising taxes caused people to sink into poverty. In a first riot Robin allies with the poor and escapes a capture and together with some farmers retreats to the woods. Henceforth the rich get ambushed and robbed by the bandits of this camp. On the one hand the quarry was meant to ransom Richard Lionheart and on the other hand it was given to the poor and disenfranchised. When Robin’s hometown Locksley Castle is assaulted due to an order of the Sheriff of Nottingham, Robin and his friends see it as a cause to attack Nottingham. During this attack Robin gets captured and is put into prison.
Robin Hood - The Legend
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Robin & König Richard I
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Robin & Lady Marian
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Robert of Huntington
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_Kept Imprisoned

Kept imprisoned in the dungeon of Nottingham Castle Robin’s audacity and faith in his struggle for freedom diminishes more and more. His initial suspiciousness about his feelings towards Lady Marian loses ground when she visits him at the dungeon. He decides to give up his ideals of justice and to live his love towards Marian. After the visit Marian is caught out by Isabelle. Prince John, Isabelle and the bishop force her to marry the Sheriff of Nottingham during a questioning. Provided that on the day of the wedding all captives will be enfranchised, she agrees on the wedding. Shortly before the wedding Robin manages to free himself with the help of his friends. Just on time Robin is able to avert the wedding between Marian and the sheriff. At the same time Richard Lionheart returns from confinement and takes his brother and the conspirers to task. Happily and with new hope for a just England the story ends with the wedding of Marian and Robin of Locksley.